Data Services

Data Aggregation We aggregate over 2.5 million news sources in over 26 languages, indexing 250 million social posts daily, bringing editorial analysis of all notable outlets. Pairing with social media mining of posts and reactions and industry-specific premium news sources results in rich aggregated experience.

Data Enrichment: Data goes through several text-mining steps such as NLP, categorization, sentiment analysis, machine learning, and other contextual processes for any business use case from publically sourced global data.

Data Cleansing: With a unique blend of industry knowledge, subject matter experts, in house analysts, we de-noise aggregated and enriched data with relevant human intervention for accuracy, relevance and context. We distill data to highly applicable business uses.

GRAPHIC: Social media logos with activities, news sources, premium sources, wrt to a (fictitious) brand, funneled through enrichment process, cycled thorough human intervention, to give a shining piece of data